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Happy Place Collection

Happy Place Collection

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This collection contains 3 Oh aromatherapy blends designed to lighten your load and help you find your "happy place"

Serenity  (30ml)  -  Find your Balance  -  De-stress with this heady combination of Geranium, Clary Sage and Lavender and 4 other essential oils.  Blended to help balance your mood and ease stress, it also helps with the symptoms of PMS.                                  

Summer haze  (30ml  -  Slow Down  -  Unwind with a dreamy combination of Lavender and Honeysuckle and six other essential oils.  Blended to help relax your body and mind and let you get a really restful night’s sleep, it is also good for easing tension and relaxing.      

Let it Go  (30ml)  -  Don’t Worry, Be Happy  -  Cast off your cares with this uplifting combination of Bergamot, Holy Basil and Frankincense  and 8 more essential oils.  Designed to ease anxiety and lighten depression, it is  particularly good if you’re feeling overwhelmed.       

Directions:  Put a few drops in a warm bath  +  Use in a diffuser (if you don't have a diffuser just put a few drops on some cotton wool balls and put in the four corners of your room)  +  Cupping - rub a few drops between your palms, bring up to cover your nose and mouth and breathe deeply 3 times.  +  Inhale straight from the bottle.  +   Add to your favourite moisturizer and cleaning products.  +  Put a few drops onto some (clean!) ceramic baking beans in a little bag and leave them in your clothes drawers for lovely smelling clothes.

please note: all our products contain nut and soy oils, we do not recommend using the concentrate directly on your skin or on children under 10. please store away from direct sunlight.