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9 Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils In Your Shower + Recipes.


Most of us can't seem to find the time for a long luxurious soak these days.


According to a survey done for Boots the average number of baths taken by women in England is ......4.

Just 4 baths a year!

Now, we're not a stinky bunch, so that means we must be taking a lot of showers.

But, just because you like a shower, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the intoxicating scents and therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils and warm water are a match made in heaven - all that wonderful smelling steam - Mmmmm.

Here are my top tips so showerers don't miss out on all the best bits.

1)   A few drops of oil (diluted in carrier) on your sponge or flannel is the simplest way.to get the benefits of EO's in your shower.

2)   Put a few drops (diluted in carrier) at the base of your throat to envelope you in their wonderful scents.

3)   You can put a drop or 2 in a corner of the shower floor out of the way of the flow of water. (not recommended for plastic shower trays)

4)   Keep a small bowl of ceramic baking beans in the bottom of your shower and put a few drops on these.

5)   Hang a lava stone off your taps and put some drops on this. It's a porous rock so the oil will penetrate the rock and not get washed away and the heat from your shower releases all the beneficial compounds into the steam.

6)   Rub oils (diluted in carrier) into your skin while it's still warm and wet from the shower. Your skin will thank you

7)   Home made Shower Steamers - These are like bath bombs. they fizz away in a corner of your shower, making the steam smell wonderful and turning your shower into an aromatherapy spa.. (recipe below)

8)   Home made Shaving Gel  (recipe below)

9)   Home made Shower Spray. (recipe below)



Steamers - you will need

 16oz  bicarbonate of soda

  8oz  citric acid

 witch hazel (in spray bottle if poss)

 essential oils

 food colouring (optional)

 silicone muffin tray (or similar)


put the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid in a bowl and mix well.

add 5-10 ml of your favourite combination of essential oils.                                      you can make them without essential oils and add the oils just before the shower if you want different scents every time.

add food colouring if using.

mix well.

spritz lightly with witch hazel - too much will start the mixture fizzing and too little won't bind it - you want the texture of damp sand which holds together when you squeeze it. 

pack it into your muffin tray, pushing down well with your hand or the back of a spoon.

leave to dry

unmould and store in an airtight container 

place in the shower where they will get wet but not wash away too quickly.


 Shaving gel - your will need

20ml  aloe vera gel 

10ml  jojoba, rosehip, fractionated coconut oil (that's the liquid one - you can use any coconut oil, it's just easier to mix it in if it's liquid) or your favourite combination of carriers.

a few drops of essential oils good for skin - Frankincense, Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmin, Chamomile, Geranium are my favourites for scent and skin health.

small, clean, bottle with lid or dropper


put all the ingredients in a 30ml bottle and give it a shake to mix everything well together - that's it!  Apply before shaving (always use a sharp razor).


Shower spay - you will need

essential oils of your choice


spray bottle


just put some water in a spray bottle, 

add the essential oils you like best                                                                          (how much depends on the size of your bottle but keep below 2% if you're going to spray it on your skin)

shake well before spraying

spray all around the shower before you get in and your shower will smell wonderful. 

spray all around the shower when you've finished and your whole bathroom will smell fabulous all day

Obviously, these recipes don't contain any preservatives, so they may not last more than a couple of weeks, only make a little at a time

if it's the 1st time you've made any of these it's a good idea to try a little on a small area just to make sure it won't irritate your skin.

 Enjoy your shower!

There's lots more about essential oils and aromatherapy on my website








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