Oh Oils - Multi Award Winning Aromatherapy for Bath, Body and Home

About us


Hi, My name's Ophelia Hoare (Oh) Welcome to my website and thanks for coming to look around.

Oh Oils is a family company tucked away in a beautiful valley on the edge of the New Forest

The four cornerstones of our business are

Quality - Like a limited-edition print, you will see that your bottle is hand numbered and dated. This is because we only make a limited number of bottles per year to make sure every one is perfect.  Your bottle is unique (and refillable). Sustainability – All our ingredients are 100% Natural, Fair Trade, Vegan and Cruelty free.                                                                   

Our packaging is as locally sourced, recycled, recyclable and re-usable as we can make it                                                         

Science - All essential oils contain a myriad of complex chemicals. These chemicals are what give the oils their beneficial properties and powerful long-lasting scent.                  

Each Oh Oils blend starts with meticulous research into the latest clinical trials to help us choose the most effective essential oils…then comes  Art                                                                               

Art - Our expert blender adds her skill and flair (and nose) to create aromatherapy oils which smell incredibly good and still have all the right chemicals to help improve our mental and physical wellbeing.


Here's how it all started.

i was born with cataracts and I couldn't see very well until i was seventeen.  I found I was recognizing people more by their smell and how they moved than by their faces.  I had one removed at 17 and the other a few years later and Wow!  The colours!  My best friend has freckles? 

Anyway - as you can imagine - it was great.  But I never lost my sensitive sense of smell.so, when my mother was saying that she couldn't find any really good bath oils that didn't cost an arm and a leg, I made her some. She loved them, then the rest of the family loved them and then all their friends loved them ....... and so on.  


I set out to make the best smelling bath oils out there.  I tried a lot of different blends and ingredients but there is no doubt that for a wonderful, long-lasting smell there is nothing better than essential oils - and they do so much more!

Months of research and studying later ........I have the depth of knowledge I need to help people improve their wellbeing with essential oils as well as smell wonderful.



During my (fascinating) studies I learned about all the extraordinary beneficial properties essential oils have. People have used them for centuries to improve health and mental wellbeing. They would have fallen by the wayside by now if they did nothing at all.

Thanks to all the clinical testing being done, we know that essential oils contain chemical compounds which are beneficial to our health.  (See “essential oils” page if you would like to know more about the science or history of essential oils)


"First, do no harm" 

I believe this applies to our planet and everyone who works for our supply chain, as well as our customers. We go to great lengths to find recycled, attractive and affordable packaging and our suppliers comply with the "Good Manufacturer's Practice".

I have created 6 blends.so far

Each one smells better than all the rest!   

Each one targeted to help your different needs