Oh Oils - Wonderfully Scented Aromatherapy for Bath, Body and Home

Our Scents

Queen of the Night

Indulge in this sensuous combination of Neroli, Rose and Jasmine. Together with 9 other essential oils, it is designed to help boost confidence and balance mood. It’s great for easing “hormonal horrors” and can be a mild aphrodisiac.


De-stress with this heady combination of Geranium, Clary Sage and Lavender together with 6 other essential oils, it has been blended to help balance your mood and ease stress. It should also help with the symptoms of PMS.


Sharpen your focus with this bright combination of Eucalyptus, Citrus and Peppermint. Together with  13 other essential oils is blended to help sharpen your focus and improve mental clarity and concentration. Also good for aching muscles.

Morning Glory

Wake Up with this invigorating combination of Pomelo, Lime and Rosemary. Together with 6 other essential oils chosen to energize you. It will sharpen your mind and senses and make you more alert. Great for:-Energy. May also help with memory.

Summer Haze

Unwind with a dreamy combination of Lavender and Honeysuckle.  Together with 6 other essential oils this is blended to help relax your body and mind and let you get a really restful night’s sleep. Good for easing tension and relaxing.

Let it Go

Cast off your cares with this uplifting combination of Bergamot, Holy Basil and Frankincense. Together with 8 more essential oils, this blend has been designed to ease anxiety and lighten depression. It is  particularly good if you’re feeling overwhelmed.